It is one week into August and the fall fans in your life are jumping the gun getting ready for the new season.

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In case you do not remember the controversy last year, I reported that Wichita Falls was NOT getting a Spirit Halloween. This was due to the fact that the Spirit Halloween locator said Wichita Falls did not have a store for 2021. I called corporate and they said our city is not on the site we don't have a store.


Well I am happy to report that store locator for 2022 and also an article in the Times Record News double confirms that Wichita Falls has a Spirit Halloween. It will be inside of Sikes Senter Mall in the old...Old Navy location. So go in the movie theater entrance and it should be right there once they open.

I love the business model for Spirit Halloween. Open up for a few months, close up shop, come back next year. I know a lot of people use this for their costume shopping, but I love the animatronics they put on display in the store for use at your home. You can check out the newest ones above.


I don't like thinking about Halloween until football season at least kicks off. Preseason is very soon, school is about start for the kids, then I will be ready for some Halloween talk. I am still in summer mode right now, but if I am at the mall. I will have to make a stop at Spirit Halloween every trip.

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