NFL player Zach Miller had a gruesome injury this past week and a very similar thing happened to a high school football player right here in Wichita Falls.

I'm warning you about the video above. If injuries make you squeamish, do not watch. Zach Miller came down with a catch for the Chicago Bears and destroyed his knee in the process. A similar injury happened to Colton Ward while he was playing for Rider High School here in Wichita Falls back in 2015 as a freshman.

It was his first two-a-day practice and Colton was playing wide receiver. Colton missed a screen pass and reached to pick up the ball. At the same moment, a teammate dove for the ball and slammed into Ward, who landed awkwardly, felt his knee dislocate and knew immediately that something was very wrong.

Trainers for the team couldn't feel a pulse on Colton's leg and immediately called 911. Ward's knee had been separated, ligaments had been torn and the popliteal artery had been severed. He was flown from a local Wichita Falls hospital to Dallas Parkland Memorial Hospital and underwent emergency surgery to repair his artery and save the leg.

Colton missed a lot of school during his freshmen year. Dealing with the pain, preventing the leg from getting infected. During his sophomore year, Colton made the tough decision to amputate his leg. This past February, Colton had another surgery on his knee. Reconstructive surgery on two ligaments that would make his knee stronger for running and walking.

Colton put on his new leg for the first time this past July and was cleared to play football in September. It was only on a limited basis. Special teams, extra points and field goal squad. Until last week, when Colton played outside linebacker. Colton got in on two tackles during that game.

Colton also plans on getting a new prosthetic so he can run track in the spring. Colton told USA Today, "I know I can inspire people. Maybe I can start an amputee football league someday. Or, another option is becoming a doctor. I do have plenty of leg experience.”

Way to keep a positive attitude, Colton. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you plan on doing. You definitely have the right outlook on life.

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