Am I excited about this? You bet your ass I am excited about this!


The citizens of Wichita Falls who have grown up with Sikes Senter Mall have always known one store was always there. Dillard's, it was an anchor store for the mall ever since it opened several decades ago. Sadly last summer, Dillard's had its final days in Wichita Falls. We have heard rumors of them possibly opening another store somewhere else in Wichita Falls, but sadly nothing has come to fruition over the past couple of months.

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We do know what will be replacing one of the Dillard's locations in Sikes Senter Mall. You may remember Dillard's had a men's store towards the middle of the mall. Then a two story location that handled women's and home goods. According to KFDX, that two story location is getting a new tenant in the near future.

Tilt Studio Arcade! For all the folks who complain EVERY TIME something new opens in Wichita Falls, "How come nothing ever comes here for kids?" Shut the hell up you finally got something. Since I basically am a seven-year-old at heart, I am excited about this. I am sure some folks in Wichita Falls have found memories of Aladdin's Castle in Sikes Senter Mall back in the day. Tilt Studio is a mall arcade on steroids.

Yes, you get your standard mall arcade back in Sikes Senter. Since this old Dillard's had two floors. Tilt plans to take full advantage of the space. According to a press release from Vicky Peek, Director of Marketing for Tilt Studio, the new fun center will feature a laser tag arena, two 18-hole black light mini-golf courses, bumper cars, virtual reality, party rooms, and over 150 classic and modern video and prize games for all skill levels. Above I put in a bunch of videos of their arcades in other locations, but let's check out the other things they mentioned.

Laser Tag

^This is what the laser tag looks like at one of their locations in Indiana. Laser Tag in Wichita Falls...not the best if we're being honest. So an upgraded course is definitely needed in our area.

Mini Golf

I'm more of an outdoor mini golf guy myself, but it's always nice to have options. I am sure they will have some sort of combo package where you buy a certain amount of arcade tokens or points you can get some mini golf for free. I will give it a shot once it gets here.

Bumper Cars

Who doesn't love some good old fashioned bumper cars. Screw those old school ones with the pole that went up to an electrified ceiling, those things were terrifying as a child. These modern bumper cars are basically bumper boats with wheels. I will definitely by a round on these and ruin some kids day with whiplash.

Virtual Reality


I've never been big on the virtual reality games, but if you want more options of things to do in Wichita Falls. These will be available to us as well. Right now in Wichita Falls for family entertainment we have many great places. I love going to The Deep End, Maniac's Mansion, Family Fun Zone, and Chuck E Cheese for some games. It's nice to have another option to check out for a fun night in Wichita Falls.

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