The City of Wichita Falls announced today some new statistics about the water reuse project. Among the numbers provided by the city was a pretty incredible stat. Thus far, the project has produced 1 billion gallons of drinking water. With our current drought, this is a big help to the city's water supply. Here's the full release from the city with even more facts and numbers.

February 5, 2015

DPR Project Has Produced 1 Billion Gallons of Drinking Water

The City of Wichita Falls Public Works Department has announced today that the Direct Potable Reuse Project has reached the milestone of producing one Billion Gallons of source water. The DPR Project went online July 8, 2014 and has been operating for seven months.

“The Direct Potable Reuse Project has performed extremely well during the last seven months,” said Operations Manager, Daniel Nix.  “During this time it has taken wastewater effluent and produced an additional one Billion Gallons of source water that would have otherwise had to come out of our water source lakes.  At this rate, the wastewater effluent treated through the DPR Project is supplying roughly 50% of our drinking water,” said Nix.

With Conservation, Drought Restrictions and the Direct Potable Reuse Project, the City has reduced water consumption from Lake Arrowhead and Lake Kickapoo by 80%. Recent projections indicate that the combined effects of conservation, restrictions and the DPR have served to extend the City’s drinking water supplies to approximately November of 2017 with additional projects and plans being explored that will extend supplies to 2019.

“The City is currently working with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) on a modification to the DPR Project that would reactivate Lake Kemp as a water source,” said Nix. “If that project is approved by the TCEQ the City’s water supply could be extended to November of 2019,” said Nix.

City staff and City leaders sincerely appreciate the significant water conservation efforts residents and business owners have undertaken and also their support for the innovative projects the city has pursued and will continue pursuing to ensure that Wichita Falls and surrounding communities have sufficient drinking water.  For more information please contact the Public Information Office at 761-7401, Public Works at 691-1153 or go to

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