A woman on Reddit got sweet revenge on her high school bully — who now happens to be her future sister-in-law — during a family dinner.

"In high school, I used to be friends with this girl Annika. We were close until junior year, when I discovered she had been spreading false rumors about me. However, even after I stopped being friends with her, she continued to make up lies about me and made my life hell right up until we graduated," she explained in her post.

Recently, her older brother Carter, who attended the same university as Annika, announced he had gotten engaged.

"Our family was happy for him, but we were surprised at the same time since we didn’t know he was dating anyone. He said he’d introduce her at an upcoming family party," she continued.

However, when the party came around, the woman was completely shocked when Annika walked through the door with her brother.

"I honestly thought I was hallucinating, and I felt sick seeing her again. Carter left Annika with some relatives, then came over to me and asked to talk. We went to another room and Carter explained he’d met Annika at a party and didn’t recognize her, but it was 'love at first sight.' But after he found out her full name, he realized it was the same Annika who spread lies about me," she recalled.

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The woman's brother told her that when he confronted Annika about the bullying, she "claimed to not remember anything she did," so he decided to "let it go."

"He then pleaded with me to be nice to her since she 'didn’t remember' what she had done and that she was a good person. I just told him I needed a moment to myself to process everything. When I eventually went back to the party, I decided I would ignore her. I didn’t say anything rude, I just didn’t talk to her or acknowledge her. She didn’t talk to me or acknowledge me either," the woman continued.

However, once everyone sat down to eat dinner, "all hell broke loose."

"One of my aunts asked me how I felt about my brother getting married. I tried changing the subject, but she kept pressing, so I eventually snapped and said something like: 'I actually don’t feel great about it considering his future wife bullied me and never apologized,'" she shared.

The woman says "everyone turned to look at Annika," who "just started crying and ran out of the room."

Carter went after Annika and the pair left the party early. Later that night, the woman's brother called her and accused her of being a "horrible person for embarrassing Annika in front of the whole family," and trashed her for "being petty of 'high school drama.'"

"He demanded I apologize to her. I refused and said HE was the awful one for blindsiding me with this, and that if she never bothered to reach out and apologize for what she did while they were dating, I wasn’t going to let it go now that they were engaged. He kept insisting that she didn’t remember, and she can’t apologize for something she doesn’t remember, but I think that’s bulls--t. I ended up hanging up on him," she concluded.

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In the comments section, Reddit users rallied behind the woman and agreed it was suspicious that Annika supposedly didn't remember bullying her.

"I don't buy she doesn't remember. Plus your brother did [choose] to ambush you at the family event," one person commented.

"Her running out crying is already showing manipulating signs. She should've apologized when she met your brother, or even at the gathering," another wrote.

"I'd suggest, in very earnest seriousness, to your brother that if she does not remember, perhaps she needs a full medical workup. I mean, it's very concerning. It's concerning that your BROTHER recognized her name as your bully... so he remembered... but somehow your bully does not? Because his next argument will be that it didn't happen, or you're too sensitive, or you can't take a joke," someone else shared.

Meanwhile, the woman's story is surprisingly similar to the plot of the 2010 comedy You Again, which stars Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver and Betty White.

In the film, Bell plays a young woman whose older brother gets engaged to her high school bully, who claims she doesn't remember tormenting Bell's character. Much like in the Reddit story, Bell's character exposes her brother's fiancée's shady past during a family dinner.

Watch the Trailer for 2010's You Again:

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