Wow, and here I thought zombies could never be adorable. 

Everyone wants to make their wedding day a once in a lifetime event, and Victoria Barker and Christopher Carroll had a wedding this past Saturday that Wichita Falls will not forget.

Last year's Zombie Crawl had a marriage proposal. This year, we had to do things bigger and better with an actual wedding.

The Zombie Crawl this year had a carnival theme to it complete with carnival-style games with a zombie twist to them. As always, hundreds of people dressed up like zombies taking part in all of the fun. Thanks to everyone dressing up, and with some help from the Zombie Crawl committee, Victoria Barker and Christopher Carroll put on one hell of a zombie wedding.

"Everyone at the Zombie Crawl made this moment for us magical," Carroll said. "We really appreciate and can never thank them enough."

"We owe everything to them," Barker added. "They really made it special."

"We love being able to be ourselves and come out all dressed up and be weirdos for the day," Carroll said.

Good job to everyone in Texoma who came out to the Zombie Crawl and helped make their day a truly special one.

What are we going to have to do next year to top a wedding? Guess we have to wait and find out.

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