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The citizens of Wichita Falls have had their share of misfortune over the years.

Terrible Tuesday. Stage 5 droughts. No Chick-Fil-A for almost 15 years.

And now, poop water.

Amid all of these tragedies, Falls Town has been forced to endure an on going struggle. That plight is known as Carmike Sikes 10 theater.

Commonly known as the "Mall Movies", Sikes 10 is a burden for movie goers in Wichita Falls. Small viewing rooms, terrible amenities, and awful parking are all things that we must deal with. Don't forget the smell. That stink will stick on you longer than a lunch hour at Samurai.

And don't get me started on stadium seating. Isn't that supposed to be a law by now?

I was set to watch "X-Men: Days Of Future Past" this weekend until I saw that the mall movies were my only choice to see it. Now I'll be driving to the metroplex or OKC to watch it.

That does it. Enough is enough.

As a community, nay humans, we deserve better. Join me by taking part in this poll and leaving a comment below. I will take these findings and submit them to the Carmike corporate headquarters in Columbus, GA.