Rare 1792 Penny Sells for Staggering $1.15 Million at Auction
Canada recently announced it would be phasing out its version of the penny, and since producing a US penny actually costs more than one is worth, some have called for similar action stateside. But one particular penny has far exceeded its face value, selling for over $1 million at auction.
Where Do People Stash Money at Home?
If you have a pile of cash and want to stow it away for safekeeping in your home, where are you most likely to do it?
A new poll shows the term “frozen assets” may be more literal than you think.
The Cashless Society And The Dangers Of Plastic
Gene also believes that America is inching it's way toward becoming a cashless society. Before you scoff at that, consider this: The Seattle Times reported in 2010 that debit card use had surpassed credit card use, mainly because of fears over debt in the depressed economy. I took my own info…

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