Hell no, we have way grosser foods than this. I thought everyone loved this food item.

A new survey just came out from Offbeat for the grossest food in each and every state. Before you click that link, it is one of those jerk websites that have 100 slides to scroll through to see the results. Don't worry, I did it for you because I love you guys. So of course, after ten minutes of scrolling, I get to Texas. I was shocked to see the result.


Frito chili pie. What?! How is that gross? I will never complain about enjoying Frito chili pie. It's basically just chili and Fritos. How is that gross? I think someone just hates Fritos. Here is what they said about it, "If you've never had the misfortune to encounter a wild Frito pie, it's a casserole made with processed corn chips. That's the whole thing. We're a little shocked it came from Texas rather than Missouri, to be honest."

You know what, Offbeat, screw you. You're wrong on this one. Frito chili pie is delicious.

However, I do agree with Offbeat on the grossest food for Oklahoma. They picked fried okra. I personally don't like okra, but if you deep-fry anything, it makes it edible in my opinion. This is the only way I can enjoy okra and I never finish an order at any restaurant I go to. I end up regret getting it because a friend thinks this place is the one to get me to enjoy okra.


Offbeat was much more ruthless about the okra than me. They said, "Look, you're not going to make okra palatable by deep frying it. You're not going to make okra palatable by doing anything to it. Okra looks like the result of a bet between God and an angel on what he could get humans to willingly eat."

They would go on to trash the state of Oklahoma as well. "The best thing you can say about fried okra is it's marginally more interesting than the state from which it originates, but that's a REALLY low bar."

Offbeat is just pissing off all of us today. I say enjoy your fried okra and Frito chili pie this week just to stick it to Offbeat and their trash article.

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