Kody Lott, who confessed to the 2016 murder of Lauren Landavazo, has been determined to be mentally ill and incompetent to stand trial.

Earlier this year, Wichita County District Attorney Maureen Shelton, acting as prosecuting attorney, and James Rasmussen, Chief Public Defender and Lott's attorney, requested the court order an evaluation of Lott's mental state to determine his competency. Rasmussen told the court he had been unable to effectively communicate with Lott and that Lott did not seem to possess a factual and rational understanding of the proceedings, both of which are vital in the determining of one's competency to stand trial.

According to Times Record News, a court appointed mental health expert filed a report with the court on March 8th, stating that Lott was mentally ill and therefore incompetent to stand trial. Per the court's orders, Lott will be committed to a "maximum security unit of any facility designated by the Department of State Health Services or North Texas State Hospital (Vernon Campus)" for a period no longer than 4 months with the intention of treating Lott's condition to make him able to stand trial.

Lott is facing one count of murdering Lauren Landavazo and one count aggravated assault for the shooting of Makayla Smith on Sept. 2, 2016, one count of possession of a prohibited weapon, as well as three counts of child pornography after pictures were discovered on his cell phone during the murder investigation. During an interview with authorities, Lott admitted to the shooting, saying he had planned it with the devil.

If convicted, Lott could be sentenced to life in prison.

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