Not a lot to go on here, but wanted to let people know we're still trying to figure out who did this.

We've been hoping for some answers as to who destroyed the Lauren Landavazo memorial mustang that was outside of McNeil Middle School. Many people just want answers as to why someone would destroy and take a mustang that was placed to honor a little girl that is no longer with us.

Our last update was that the reward had grown. The latest update we got from Crime Stoppers is that the reward has grown even more. We're currently at $12,600 if your tip leads to arrest of the individual responsible for this crime. As always with Crime Stoppers, your tips can be given anonymously at (940) 322-9888 or if you're calling long distance (800) 322-9888. You never have to give your name, and if your information leads to the arrest and board approval, you could earn that $12,600 reward mentioned earlier.

Also in the latest Crime Stoppers update they shared a short clip of footage they believe to be the suspect that night. They say it is a dark colored pickup truck, but they believe it is a black Dodge pickup. It's not the clearest video, but if anyone has any helpful tips, call Crime Stoppers today.

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