UPDATE: The Snapchat video was shared to us by Cade Foster. Cade was NOT THERE the night this incident took place. His snap chat name appears because he was trying to get the word out about this incident. 

We received a voicemail over the weekend that some teenagers were messing with the Lauran Landavazo memorial. The video shows some teenagers climbing on the mustang that was placed near her junior high in her honor.

I reached out to the person that left us a voicemail over the weekend. They said they helped raise money for the mustang that was placed near McNeil Middle School that was to honor Lauren Landavzo and Makayla Smith. The two were shot at when they were walking home from school.

Makayla was wounded by the shots, but Lauren unfortunately did not survive. A year after this horrific incident, a mustang was placed near McNeil Junior High to honor the two girls. It looks like some teenagers decided to use the memorial as a jungle gym. The person who helped paid for the mustang is asking these teens to please stop.

The woman told us she doesn't know how she would replace this if any damage were to take place from someone jumping on it or knocking it over. Please, stop doing this. I'm sure a playground is nearby that you could literally go climb all over and not desecrate someone's memory.

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