Remember your first trip to the ballpark? This little girl had a memorable trip this past week. She got her first taste of pure sugar.

Let me just say, baby videos never entertain me. I don't have kids, so I guess I just don't get it. However, kids eating food for the first time, those videos are awesome. It's kids discovering a brand new taste or flavor and their little brains don't know what to do. My favorite is this baby drinking a Coke and the other is this baby eating Chic Fil A for the first time.

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Let's add another one to the list. This past week an adorable little girl took a trip to the brand new Globe Life Field in Arlington. The Texas Rangers have many awesome food options at the stadium, but looks like Mom decided to pick up a bag of cotton candy. The little girl never had it before, so it looks like she thinks it's a stuffed animal.

She sort of cuddles up with the piece of cotton candy at first. Then Mom says to eat it. She's skeptical. She's like, this can't be food. Then she takes a small bite, even then she doesn't seem to be a fan. A few seconds later, you can tell when the flavor kicks in for her. She puts on the biggest smile ever.

I'm not the biggest fan of cotton candy. One piece and I don't want anymore. However, I can see why people love it. I'll take a helmet ice cream if I'm at a baseball game.

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