In case you missed it over the weekend, Allen West called into American Liberty with Bill Lockwood to discuss a variety of topics.

As you probably know Allen West is currently running for the Governor of Texas and he took sometime out of his schedule to talk to us right here in Wichita Falls. Also on the show was special guest Carla Schmehl, leader and creator of citizen activist group, Patriot Strength here in Wichita Falls.

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1) Lt. Col. Allen West: Candidate for Governor of the Great State of Texas. Col. West outlines exactly what Texas needs to do to begin solving the major issues facing the state of Texas. (1) The Border. With an "out of control" border Texans and Americans are facing a crisis like we have never seen before. Col. West lays it out as to what needs to be done. (2) Property Taxes. These need to disappear. (3) Abortion. Col. West is as outspoken and strong on the right to life as any candidate in modern times. (4) Covid Mandates, and more.
(2) Carla Schmehl, leader and creator of citizen activist group, Patriot Strength. Carla believes in American constitutional principles and is unafraid to stand on them. She discusses (1) the January 6 rally in Washington, D.C. in which she participated; (2) COVID vaccine mandates and the repercussions for Americans; (3) Voter Fraud--even here in Texas. Carla sheds light on Wichita County, particularly, as having been targeted by voter fraud in the past.

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