He is doing it to bring awareness to a great cause. It's gonna be a long 300-mile journey for him and his horse. 

Kit Rudd is very passionate about his causes. Recently, he has been trying to bring awareness to the homeless problem in Texas. Not too long ago, Kit spent five days living on the street trying to raise money for local homeless shelters in his area. Kit is at it again, but this time he will be delivering money to the cause.

Now, Kit could have easily put this check in the mail, but he wanted to deliver it personally to a charity in Dallas. The charity puts money into building small homes for people living on the street. Kit wanted to bring attention to the cause once again because he will be delivering this check on horseback.

His three hundred mile journey begins in two weeks. Rudd is looking for people and businesses to sponsor his trip. The proceeds, he said, will be donated to a Dallas-based charity. Rudd is hoping the Dallas charity can help out his town of Amarillo with some of those tiny homes. He said, "It's all about one community helping out another."

He plans to travel fifty miles a day and he will be exchanging horses throughout the trip. One of his friends will be traveling along in a truck with a trailer of different horses. Kit said he can't sleep outside anymore, his old body can't take it. He did say he would spend at least one night sleeping outside in a Wichita Falls park.

“It is the biggest city between here and Dallas, and I heard they do have a severe homeless problem,” Rudd said. “Part of my whole deal is raising awareness, and I just feel like if I lay over in Wichita Falls and do what I did here, organize a meal and sleep with the homeless, it will have the same effect it did here in Amarillo.”

Kit from all of us up here in Wichita Falls. Good luck on your journey and we can't wait to see you here in a couple of weeks.

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