Ha, Gotem!

Growing up in Maryland with the Preakness Stakes right there, I am somewhat aware of horse racing. Not really into it, but one of my favorite things is the names people come up with for their horses. Like Harry Trotter, Usain Colt, or Bitney Spurs to name a few. However, we now have the greatest horse name ever.

I give you 'Bofa Deez Nuts'. I would seriously lay down money on this horse, just so I can go to the booth to say, 'Twenty bucks on Bofa Deez Nuts'. If you would have done that last Friday at Oklahoma City's Remington Park you would have won. 'Bofa Deez Nuts' got its first victory on that day just north of us.

I want 'Bofa Deez Nuts' to go all the way to the top of horse racing. I want him to win the triple crown. That way 'Bofa Deez Nuts' can be truly immortal.

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