Looks like some local schools got some more room in the budget to do some cool stuff.

The first donations of 2018 for the Patterson Gives Back campaign started going out last week. If you haven't heard of the campaign, schools can sign up to receive a donation for a project or item that the campus needs. For instance, last year the Seymour Middle School used the donation for a tech class so the students could build these cool Lego robots.

Kids build Lego robots at Seymour Middle School (Via PattersonGivesBack.com)
Kids build Lego robots at Seymour Middle School (Via PattersonGivesBack.com)

Elementary, middle and high schools are eligible for the donations and the first winners of 2018 are below. Listed along with their donation money is what they plan on doing with the money.

High School:

·     1st place: Wichita Falls High School- Explore! ($2,000)

·     2nd place: Graham High School- Building a School Community ($1,000)

·     Committee Choice:  Electra Junior/Senior High School- Laptop for Leaders ($2,000)

Middle School/Junior High:

·     1st Place: Barwise Middle School- Barwise Middle School Robotics ($2,000)

·     2nd Place: Graham Junior High- Mirroring Success ($1,000)

·     Committee Choice- Vernon Middle School- Summer Science and Math Expeditions Camp ($2,000)

Elementary School:

·     1st Place: Crestview Elementary School (Graham)- Wheelin’ Into Swings ($2,000)

·     2nd Place: Jefferson Elementary School- Sitting All By Myself ($1,000)

·     Committee Choice #1: Windthorst Elementary School- Garden Grow and Give ($2,000)

Congratulations to everyone that won! Keep an eye out in the next couple of months for the next Patterson Gives Back nominations and maybe your favorite school could be a part of it.

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