Sport shooting is fun, no question about it.  And while bigger may be better, is it always wise?  How much of your shoulder are you willing to sacrifice for this kind of adrenaline rush?

I've had the chance to fire some nice weapons over the years, many of which are NOT in my own arsenal because they are wildly expensive!  One of my dream weapons is the .50 cal Desert Eagle; not one you'd have to mortgage the house to buy, yet one that will get your attention.

The .950 cal is one even I might think twice about trying out though, especially given the reactions from some of those in the video below.  It's the largest caliber center fire rifle ever made and each bullet is said to cost upwards $40 a piece! There's some big 'ol boys from 'American Muzzleloader' handling this monster center fire rifle.

You just have to see it to believe it!

Watch the guys from Knight Rifles 'American Muzzleloader' shoot the .950 JDJ:

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