The scope of 'Obamacare' is downright frightening.  Now that the Supreme Court has opened the door to the largest tax increase in the history of planet earth, what's next?  This decision is NOT about your healthcare.  It's about control.  But Obamacare is just one element of the disaster that the Obama presidency has become.  Let's face it, Jimmy Carter should feel great; there is finally a man in the White House who makes him look good.

There is much venting going on about the horrors of what the Obamacare Tax now holds for America.  Our future, our fate, now lies in the hands of congress.  It's not fear mongering or conspiracy theory style thinking, it's genuine concern that I have.  The possibilities are deeply disturbing.  Not everyone, apparently, has been so successful in exercising their First Amendment rights when it comes to criticizing this administration.

This is a couple of years old, but in light of the travesty that was laid upon the heads of the American people by congress, the president and finally confirmed yesterday by the Supreme Court, it's as relevant today as in 2010.  The story goes that Bryan Glover, a high school football coach in Tennessee, was fired for composing and recording this song.  School officials said that parents had complained and that it was racially insensitive.  You listen and tell us what you think.

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