Well, we made it to December of 2020. We survived the Australian bush fires, the wildfires on the West coast of the United States, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle saying they didn't want to be royalty any longer, major league sports being played without fans around, and more. Just lately a giant monolith like the one in the science fiction story 2001: A Space Odyssey popped up in Utah. Then it just as mysteriously vanished. And now another one has popped up in Romania! And we haven't even talked about viruses, lockdowns, and those crazy Murder Hornets that were all the buzz for about a week.

Holy reindeer tracks, Batman, what we need right now is a little bit of Christmas in our lives. And that's just what our friends at Backdoor Theatre in downtown Wichita Falls have planned for us.

Backdoor Theatre's presentation of We Need A Little Christmas will be livestreamed on Friday, December 18th, then available as a recorded on-demand presentation starting Saturday December 19th. You can RSVP for both presentations here.

Backdoor Theatre via Facebook

While hosting a free live but online event is a great way for the folks at Backdoor Theatre to share their Christmas wishes with us it really doesn't help them recover from a year with almost no shows and the devastating flood event they had last June, so they're also selling special Cookies & Cocoa For 2 baskets that you can enjoy while you watch their online performance. The Cookies & Cocoa  baskets are $35 if you pick it up yourself, $40 if you need to have it delivered. Each basket contains two Backdoor Theatre mugs, some delicious cocoa mix, four cookies from The Cookie Cabinet, and more.

Image Courtesy Backdoor Theatre

The funds raised from the sales of these limited quantity baskets will help keep Backdoor Theatre going until the time that they can return to live performances on on their main and dinner stages. You can RSVP for the performance and buy your Cookies & Cocoa For 2 baskets online.

Get your RSVP in today, then get set for a fun, online performance as the Backdoor Theatre volunteers sing some of your favorite holiday classics and put you in the mood for a jolly Christmas. Because, let's face it. We Need A Little Christmas in our lives right now.

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