Congratulations to a local family that just received national attention this week for their epic Christmas light display.

Ever Heard of The Great Christmas Light Fight?

Since 2013, The Great Christmas Light Fight goes around the country trying to find the best Christmas light displays in the country. This is not someone that throws a couple inflatables and a string of lights up. Nah, we're talking about full front yard coverage for your Christmas lights. If you watch that video above, you may have driven by one of the houses.

Candyland House Featured on Great Christmas Light Fight

In case you missed it this week. The Brown family who have a house just off Southwest Parkway here in Wichita Falls won on the show. Their house is a replica of the board game Candyland. We actually went and took photos of their property last year (which I will put below)

What Do You Get If You Win?

Well first of all, you get that sweet trophy that they're holding above. I imagine that trophy will be in the front window of the house like the giant leg lamp in 'A Christmas Story'.


The family also received the $50,000 grand prize, which I also assume a small portion will be going to some Wichita Falls electric company for that massive display. If you have never seen the "Candyland House" it's at 6650 Southwest Parkway.

Fun Fact, We're Doing a Christmas Lights Contest Right Now!

Now we don't have the budget that ABC has, but hey we're giving away a $250 gift card to the best lights in Wichita Falls. Submit those photos now by clicking this link. I know it's not $50,000, but a nice gift card from your favorite radio station is pretty cool.

Wichita Falls Candyland 2022

Located on Southwest Parkway in Wichita Falls, Texas, east of Memorial Stadium, lies Candyland Christmas! A local homeowner goes ALL OUT on their holiday lights display by recreating the classic boardgame Candyland but with a festive twist. It looks like the homeowner started decorating in early November. We're not sure when the homeowner is planning on flipping the switch, but with the holidays right around the corner, they'll probably be lighting it up soon!

Gallery Credit: Stryker

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