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Richard Fowler of Fox News encapsulates well the deviously deceptive Democratic agenda pertaining to the border. On a recent show, he hurried to repeat the common refrain that our “immigration system is broken,” and should be replaced by a systematic streamlining of the “pathway to citizenship” for illegals. That’s the fix.

Strange answer that, seeing that the question being addressed was how to solve the current border crisis, not how to entice more people to break our laws. But that is the lying and nonsensical foolishness that has become requisite to be a Democratic leader.

More than that, the Joe Biden lawlessness – converting our Border Patrol into a concierge service -- is grounds for impeachment. If not, why not?

Americans want the hemorrhaging of the border plugged up, not “streamlined” for citizenship. As it now stands, we are witnessing the dismantling of America in slow motion; our own cultural and national suicide. Instead of a single culture uniting one people under God, we are witnessing the age of the Balkanization of America.

To balkanize means to break up into small compartmental segments or units mostly hostile to one another. Disunity and weakness is the result. Ask any dictator throughout history.

Ted Kennedy And Immigration

Our cultural and national fractures can be traced directly to the late Ted Kennedy who epitomized the lying politicians and left us a legacy of massive immigration which Biden has simply added to. Like most liberals who build their system on hypocrisy, Kennedy was the Senator who, according to the Christian Science Monitor, “changed the face of the nation” through his immigration policies, which he foisted on America.

Beginning in 1965, he led the complete revamping of our immigration system. Formerly, there were numerical caps and national quotas in place which regulated not only how many immigrants would be able to come here, but controlled which ones, favoring European nations by granting them higher quotas.

According to Kennedy, the national quotas and ceiling on the number of immigrants “violated” our principles. When critics argued that the changes he was proposing would alter the mix of the country into "voting blocs" favoring Democrats (i.e. balkanization), which any person of sound mind could foresee, he famously stood on the floor of the Senate and LIED.

The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants. It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not relax the standards of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs.

Today, with chain migration, refugee programs, amnesty programs, green card lotteries, H1-B Visa acts, various immigration acts and domestic resettlement programs that continue to swamp the American welfare state, and now an open border, our national values are practically non-existent, our streets are becoming battle zones and even preachers who preach the gospel of Jesus Christ must go into the pulpits locked and loaded. The Balkanization of America is in full swing.

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