If there is one thing I hate about Wichita Falls, it is folks cannot drive in this city. Multiply that hate by a million when it snows outside.

Well it looks like we have a chance of snow next week in Wichita Falls on Tuesday and Wednesday. This means panic will ensue in the city and people will start buying up bread and milk like the plague is upon us. Looks like we will be at 50 degrees on Friday with the sun out so that should melt away any snow we get. However, those two days will be hell for me driving.

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You see, I have lived in Wichita Falls since 2007. Every time it snows, people lose all common sense in the road. Sorry Texans, but your big truck or SUV still needs to take caution while driving in the snow. Some folks will say, "I have the big daddy diesel edition, this baby can handle anything." Well sir or madam thinking this, when that big ole truck hits a patch of ice I don't give a s*** what you're driving. Slow down on the roads during winter weather so you can get to your destination safely.

Snow Mode Confusion Over The Years

I have also heard the excuse my vehicle has 'snow mode'. Uhm...OK. Do you know what that actually does? I swear to god people think you activate this and your car is now ready to be on the highway in snowy conditions. THAT IS NOT AT ALL WHAT THIS BUTTON OR SWITCH DOES.

It is mainly used to help your vehicle get started from a complete stop while in the snow.

  • Modifies torque distribution to reduce power to wheels that have lost traction
  • Decreases throttle response to help reduce wheel spin overall
  • Modifies transmission settings to maintain a lower rpm

If you have been out in snowy conditions, you have seen people's tires spin when the light turns green. This mode's main purpose is this. To help you maintain traction from a complete stop. Snow mode CAN be used to maintain yourself on the road, but every vehicle manufacturer I have seen says you need to put winter tires on your vehicle. I don't know how many of you do this since our winters are not that bad in Wichita Falls.

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All I am trying to say is, snow mode does not equal drive like normal. You still have to take caution like everyone else in the snow.

Stay safe Wichita Falls and if I see you pass me on Tuesday flying down the highway, then I pass you in a ditch on the side of the road a few miles later. I'm not stopping.

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