I’ve watched this video several times now and I’m still trying to figure out exactly what this thing is.  

Fit Fam El Paso posted video on Instagram of some sort cloud-like object floating in the night sky over El Paso last weekend.  

It looks like it could be a projection from the ground by some sort of spotlight, however, I’m not really sure what’s going on. Usually, you can see the beams rising from the ground with most spotlights.

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Perhaps the best thing about the video is the comments people are leaving on the post. There are the predictable vape cloud and fart joke comments, but there are actually some clever ones that I didn’t see coming.  

For instance, jerryvlack blames it on Mark Zuckerberg not being a human being:  

Just Mark Zuckerberg drying his human suit on the air.

And then there's _missjessibaby_ who believes aliens are dropping by El Paso for a little Mexican food: 

Damn the Mexican food here so fire the aliens had to come check it out

All jokes aside, El Paso is home to Fort Bliss. Our military is constantly conducting experiments and testing top secret technology and this could definitely be chalked up to some sort of Army experiment. 

Of course, it could also be something as boring as the spotlight I mentioned, but that’s no fun. 

So, I’m gonna stick with the fact that it is floating in the sky and is unidentified at the moment. Therefore, it’s a good old-fashioned Unidentified Flying Object.

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