This video really needs little explanation.  Most of you know an idiot when you see one.  And this woman is the poster child for idiots worldwide.  But, let’s have a brief set-up of the event just the same.

The video was apparently shot by an Atlanta-area convenience store owner in 2011.  It sounds as if the couple, we assume the owners of the store, are catching the worst of this bigoted wind bag.  At the very start of this video, she states that her grandmother ‘just died this year.’  She states that granny was 104.  She also says her grandmother was a slave.  Excuse me?  Now, I’m no mathematician, but I did successfully navigate my way through addition and subtraction in school, so let’s check her math:

If granny did indeed pass on in 2011 at age 104, that would put her birth year in 1907.  President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in January, 1863.  Some sources do, however, indicate that the very last slaves in America may not have been officially ‘free’ until 1902, though this is highly disputed and may be no more than urban legend.  But, even if the last slaves were not freed until 1902, that would still exclude Miss Personality’s dearly departed grandmother.  Sorry, honey.  You’re math skills are even worse than your social skills.

Watch the video and try not to throw anything at your monitor.  And, by the way, we do have to label this one NSFW!  Language alert-it gets a bit salty.