I've never been much on protests of the 60's hippie type, but a public gathering of people who've just had all they can take is healthy from time to time.  I firmly believe that the First Amendment and the Second Amendment are the ones that give the other eight and, in fact, the entire constitution, teeth.  Without them, what real incentive or drive would their be to maintain the rest?  But the whole occupy Wall Street movement appears to be nothing more than a gathering of hippie wannabe's who have seized upon the moment to re-live the free love era their sperm and egg donors enjoyed.  Photo's have emerged of people having sex on New York sidewalks, topless women getting painted and even one photo of a man (and I use that term loosely, mind you) defecating on a NYC police car.  Even Democratic Georgia Congressman John Lewis received zero respect from the so-called protestors in Atlanta. What the hell is wrong with these idiots?  Simply put, the vast majority of them represent the lazy, shiftless, smelly, dumber-than-rocks, second-coming of the hippie faction of the Vietnam War era.  Is there fault to be borne by the bankers?  Yes, I think so.  Is there fault to be borne by the GM's, Chrysler's and Goldman-Sachs of the world?  Hell yes.  Our country has been running on hot air and loose credit for a long, long time.  It did not start with Barack Hussein Obama.  But he did, without a doubt, accelerate the mess 100 fold.  There is so much our country could and should be doing to pull itself out of this hole.   But the flower-child impersonators crapping and on the street corners of New York, Tulsa, Austin and so forth are doing no favors for anyone.  It's always easy to put blame on others.  And again, I do agree that there is plenty to go around.   But remember, when you point the finger at someone else, there are generally three others pointing back at you.  We are bear some responsibility for the mess we're in.  Gas and diesel prices are still far too high to allow the economy to truly recover.  Too many of us are still robbing from "Peter to pay Paul".  We've sat idly by and watched the Fed, the IRS and our own elected congressmen set into motion policies that have driven American manufacturing of millions of consumer goods to third-world nations.  It's easy to say 'the Chinese are stealing jobs from Americans'.  Actually, they are taking what we have thrown away.  We live in a nation that is punishing success.  And these dolts that are 'protesting' across the country are doing exactly what the progressive, socialist, jack-booted thugs want them to do.  Lenin and Stalin used the same kinds of mindless fools as the tools of action in their socialist playground formerly known as the Soviet Union.  The Tea Party movement, that some of these same dimwitted mini-hippies have denigrated and spat upon, has been more successful as a protest movement than this 'occupy Wall Street' non-sense ever will be or ever could be.  Are there any sane people among this group?  I'll bet there are a few.  But too few to really matter.  The answers to our problems are not really all that complex.  But finding the right leaders who possess the testicular fortitude, if you will, to carry out the necessary changes, seems to be our most difficult task.  I don't think you'll find them among this crowd.