This may not be quite as disturbing as the headline suggests, but it's crazy just the same.  I'm just glad it didn't happen in Texas.  WSB-TV 2 in Atlanta reported the story.  Four teenage boys turn up outside a home in Milton, GA under cover of darkness.  The homeowner confronts the boys and tells them he's armed with a shotgun.

Yes, a shotgun is usually enough to get anyone's attention.  As you may have already guessed, the four puberty-stricken dipwads made tracks for their truck.  The homeowner observed one of the boys carrying something quite large and putting it into the truck.  Police were called in and soon they had stopped a white truck with the teens inside.  Also in the truck with these mental giants-a goat.

This is the part that might make you pound your head on your desk, so get a pillow.  One of the boys told police:

...he stole the goat because he thought he would ask a girl to prom by saying 'will you goat with me to prom'


At this point, I don't know that I could have kept a straight face long enough to read these boys their Miranda Rights.   Most criminals are quite stupid, but these goat rustlers are the princes' of stupid.  I'd have confessed to just being hungry for some cabrito instead of this.  On second thought, maybe he should get points for creativity.


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