Let's hop across the pond and see what the Brits think about Terrible Tuesday here in Wichita Falls.

Just a friendly reminder that we're about to be in Tornado season here in Wichita Falls. Weather experts say that March through July, we should always be weather aware in case of tornadoes in our area. Remember, have a plan in place before a tornado touches down.

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Terrible Tuesday History

When it comes to Wichita Falls tornadoes, the day that everybody remembers is Terrible Tuesday. April 10, 1979 when a F4 tornado touched down in Wichita Falls. It was a mile and a half wide and caused an insane amount of destruction throughout our city. It's estimated that 46 people died, 1,700 were injured, and 5,000 homes were destroyed, leaving almost 25,000 residents homeless.

If you want more history on Terrible Tuesday, we have written several stories throughout the years on this Wichita Falls date. Today, I happened to stumble upon a British Couple who have a YouTube page that do react videos. From what I see on their page, they watch videos based on American things and...react to them.

One of their most recent videos they posted was of "Tornadoes That Will Go Down in History". Wichita Falls Terrible Tuesday was one of the tornadoes on the list. If you just want to see that part, you can fast forward to about 14:10 mark in the video below.

A common myth is that tornadoes only happen in America, which is not true. Europe does have them as well. However, our tornadoes here in the states are WAY more destructive than the ones they experience over there. Back in 2012, England actually got the Guinness World Record for most tornadoes in a country. Like I said though, these tornadoes are very weak compared to ours in America.

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