If Weight Watchers isn’t working for you, there’s an alternative, especially if you have strong faith. Pastor Steve Reynolds has developed a weight loss system called Bod4God, a diet and fitness program designed around the Christian faith.

What would Jesus do? He’d put down that doughnut, stat!

Reynolds was recently profiled on ABC’s ‘Nightline,’ where he stated, “I don’t believe there’s a better health book in the world than the Bible.” Studies show that American Christians are the most overweight religious group, with one of every three worshippers being obese.

His own book, ‘Bod4God,’ offers four ways to lose weight: Dedication, Inspire, Eat and Exercise and Team. He also visits local churches and implements ‘Losing to Live’ weight loss competition and team fitness training.

How exactly does God factor into this program? Well, the body is considered a temple and it’s based on the tenet that God wants his children to take care of the body he provided. Followers of the regimen can enjoy Karate for Christ and Holy Yoga.

Altogether, Reynolds and his participants shed 13,000 total pounds. He points to a Bible verse as inspiration for his regimen in First Corinthians, Chapter 10, Verse 31.

“It says whether we eat or drink, do all to the glory of God,” Reynolds said. “Just think about it. I mean how it boils down, glorifying God with what you eat and with what you drink.”