It's not everyday you can eat at restaurant that has invented a specific menu item. This place forever changed the drink industry back in 1971.

If You Ever Have Drank a Frozen Margarita, You Have To Thank This Place

That right there is the first ever frozen margarita machine invented in Dallas, Texas. The restaurant had an issue getting right their margarita recipe. Some folks complained the margarita on the rocks was like the porridge in the Three Little Bears story. This one is too cold, this one is too warm, then some were just right. When making anything at restaurant what you want is consistency, Mariano Martinez was not getting that with his margaritas.

7/11 Slurpee Machine Was the Inspiration for the Frozen Margarita

7-11 Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary
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The story goes Mariano went into a 7/11(Fun fact, 7/11 also had their first store in Dallas), and saw the Slurpee machine. We all know how that goes, you pull the lever and the perfect frozen concoction comes out. Well Mariano decided to see if he could build something like this for margaritas and boy did he succeed. After word got out about his invention, it became a standard in restaurants to have frozen margaritas as an option. That photo above is actually from Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History where the machine is to this day. In September 2010 it was named one of the “Top Ten Inventions from the National Museum of American History’s Collection.

The Original Margarita Machine Working Hard back in the Day

Where Can You Try the Original Frozen Margarita?

If you want to go to the original location that would be 6300 Skillman Street in Dallas, Texas. They actually have a plaque in the restaurant that honors the birthplace of the frozen margarita.

They also have four other locations in North Texas that you can go check out.

  • 2614 Majesty Dr,Arlington, TX
  • 17390 Preston Road, Suite 100 Dallas, Texas
  • 5250 Highway 121 Colleyville, Texas
  • 4110 Preston Road Frisco, Texas

By The Way, You Can Get Their Margaritas To Go

If you just want to get the margarita, you can actually get a full to go jug. The food looks great at this place, but if you just want the drink. You can swing on by and pick one of these up.

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