Want to hang out at 7-11? Not like Jay and Silent Bob would, legit chilling on a nice patio with some drinks.

Something not a lot of folks know, 7-11 is a Texas based company. Something cool with that, they're willing to try new things in their home state. Something going on right now are these "Evolution Stores".


Nine of these currently exist in the country, but five of them are just south of us in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. None of the evolution stores are the same, but the one that just opened at 13635 Preston Road in Dallas has something unique. An outdoor patio, where guests can come hang out and enjoy some frozen margaritas or draft beer.


You can still enjoy the 7-11 classics like Slurpees, Big Gulps and hot dogs. However, this location also has a Laredo Taco Company inside. Tacos and Margaritas at 7-11? Sounds like a weird night out, but I am willing to try it.


"The customer is getting the convenience they expect from 7-Eleven – coupled with a delicious restaurant-quality dining option and unique and innovative beverages," 7-Eleven Vice President of Store Evolution and Design Molly Long says. "These lab stores give us an opportunity to test, learn, and scale successes into our new store standards which ultimately allows us to continuously improve the experience for all our customers."

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Attention to fine folks at 7/11 corporate, we would like one of these here in Wichita Falls please. Don't know what we have to do to get one, but please let me know what I can do to help.

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