This story is about to get very confusing so allow me to explain.

Looks like a Tik Tok is going viral this week claiming to be over in Fort Worth, Texas. A woman is holding an urn supposedly of her cheating boyfriend's mom's ashes. She dumped them over a bridge into the water and threw the urn over as well. Is this video real? No, don't believe everything you see online.

This is a woman trying to go viral by doing something crazy. However, this did actually happen in Fort Worth. Here is where things get tricky. Back in 2020, Augustine Gladney allegedly actually did this to her then boyfriend in Fort Worth. The man claimed the two were dating, but not on good terms at the time. She allegedly told his daughter what she had done and later admitted it to him as well. Gladney is facing an abuse of a corpse charge, a Class A misdemeanor.

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So here's the thing, yes, this did actually happen in Texas back in 2020. However, this video that you may have seen circulating over the weekend is totally fake. This is not Augustine Gladney in the video. I guess someone trying to go viral online saw she was arrested for the crime at the end of May.


She decided to do a reenactment to go viral and boy did she. If you Google it though, you would think it is real. Video fake, sadly someone did actually dump someone's ashes two years ago. No video evidence of it, at least for now.

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