A new challenge on Tik Tok encourages students to steal the biggest item they can from their school. Most of the time, it's something from the bathroom since no one is watching you there.

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Last week, we let you know about this 'Lick Challenge' going down on Tik Tok. In the compilation video, it shows kids bragging about some of the items they have stolen. Hand sanitizer station, paper towel dispenser, fire hydrant, and even a stop light were included in those videos we showed you. Jokingly, when I put this on one of our Facebook pages, I said hopefully this trend doesn't come to Wichita Falls.

Parents started commenting, too late, several items have already been stolen from the schools. Due to so much being stolen, the WFISD has changed their bathroom policy at some of their schools. Students are only permitted to go to the bathroom in between classes. You can check out the full statement below.

It also says many of the kids have been reprimanded for vandalism or stealing school property. It also says, parents you will be responsible if your child is caught doing this challenge. You will have to pay to replace or repair any vandalism done to the school.

At my school back in the day this is what we had to do because kids were writing on the stalls or throwing wet toilet paper on the ceiling. We had to sign out to go to the bathroom. Then after class a teacher would inspect the bathrooms. If any vandalism was done, the kids who signed out would usually get detention, whether they did it or not. It sucked, but at least we still got to use the bathroom during class.


I see many parents are upset with this new policy and I would be to if I had a kid in this situation. When you got to go, you got to go. Hopefully your teacher isn't like the assh*** I had at Midwestern State University. If you went to the bathroom in the middle of class he would stop his lecture and then shame you when you came back in. Saying something like, "Glad you could join us, now let's get back to the lesson." I remember this one girl was almost in tears one day because she felt so bad for going to the bathroom.

Hopefully if your kid has to go, they get to go.

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