The scientists at Dr Pepper have officially gone mad with power.

Has anyone noticed that the people that make Oreos have come up with so many strange flavor combinations recently? I stare at those packages sometimes and wonder what people are thinking. Well the folks at Dr Pepper have me scratching my head today. They have unveiled a Dr Pepper Bourbon flavor?

Is it April 1st? What the hell is going on? Yes, this is real, but why? Honestly, why would I want a bourbon flavored soda that does NOT get me drunk? Would you drink a bourbon that didn't get you a little tipsy? I literally have no desire to try this what so ever, but it looks like Dr Pepper will not be mass producing this new flavor.

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You have to register for their rewards program. I just did and it gave me a big 'OOF!' when I scratched the ticket. I guess OOF! is bad. Looks like you can try once a day to win for free or you can go buy Dr Pepper to get you more points to scratch more tickets. I know some of you live, breathe, and probably bleed Dr Pepper.

If anyone in our area happens to get one. Let me know how it is because if it tastes like bourbon with a hint of Dr Pepper. I will literally just go mix the two at my house and actually get a nice buzz from my concoction.

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