Pour one out, in fact several gallons out for this Dr Pepper shipment.

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We all know someone in our lives that would NEVER waste a single drop of Dr Pepper. If you're one of these people, what you're about to see is a real life nightmare. It looks like this morning around 4:30 a shipment of Dr Peppper overturned on the highway. Thankfully the driver is OK...but sadly the Dr Pepper is not.

Dr Pepper Lovers Look Away, I Beg You!

Joplin News was on the scene this morning where the crash happened just outside of Oronogo, Missouri. A real horror show is taking place as a dumpster is on the scene with a hauler loading it up with the wasted drink. Taking a look at the crash photos below, some of those bottles appear to be intact still, but I am sure it's a policy they can not resell those sodas. We all know a Dr Pepper addict that would gladly have this dumpster delivered to their house to dispose of the soda.

Check Out Photos from Inside the Trailer Below

OH THE HUMANITY! Looks like the highway was shutdown on one side of the road for about four hours this morning and the Dr Pepper has been cleared away now. I imagine some kids on their way to school this morning were wondering why the smell of Dr Pepper was in the air.

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Brace yourselves, they say 44,000 pounds of Dr Pepper was lost in the crash. That is almost 5,300 gallons of soda in the trash.

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