World's Are Colliding in Texas!

A couple of months ago, I did a story on a new Dr Pepper Flavor coming out AND a new Blue Bell Flavor coming out. The announcement came on the same day and some people misread my headline that Blue Bell was releasing a Dr Pepper Ice Cream. Well, that was not happening a few months ago, but guess what I saw.

First Hint

Hmmmmm interesting, what is that? An old school ice cream parlor float glass? However, notice the red of the straw, that specific color looks a lot like a Dr Pepper can.

Second Hint

There's that red again. Well guess what guys, I can confirm that the new flavor of Blue Bell is Dr Pepper Float. I will not give up my sources on this one, but be on the lookout for it very soon. It's a vanilla ice cream base with Dr Pepper flavoring to give it that float taste. I kinda want to get some actual cans of Dr Pepper with it to double up the flavor.


Please Blue Bell lawyers do not kill me for leaking your flavor early. I love your products and I am still mad I didn't get any of the cereal ice cream. Also, if you want another idea for another great Texas inspired combination for your ice cream. See if the fine folks at Buc-ee's would want to do a Beaver Nugget ice cream. Hey, worth a shot.

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