How does this even happen?  While automobile accidents are a common occurrence, vehicles rarely crash into swimming pools.

The Bowie County Sheriff’s Office believes that an East Texas man may have intentionally driven his pickup truck into a swimming pool.  KFDX is reporting that last Monday around 6:24 PM, police received a call at a house on FM-44 outside De Kalb, Texas.  When law enforcement officials arrived on the scene, they found a red crew cab pickup submerged in a swimming pool.

Several witnesses told law enforcement, that they saw a red pickup truck driving erratically, before speeding up, and driving towards the swimming pool.  One witness added that the driver was screaming out the window while driving recklessly.

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When the driver got out of the swimming pool, the homeowner held him at gunpoint until police arrived.  Law enforcement then identified the driver as Erik Scott Shirley and took him into custody.  According to KFDX, Shirley was charged with criminal mischief over $2,500 and under $30,000.

Bowie County Jail
Bowie County Jail

Law enforcement then contacted Motor-Tow Wrecker & Recovery to get the pickup out of the swimming pool.   According to the company's Facebook page, the swimming pool had to be completely drained before they could lift the pickup out of the pool.  When the vehicle crashed into the pool it ended up hitting the wall, which caused significant damage to the swimming pool.

At the time of this writing, law enforcement officials are still investigating how the pickup ended up in the swimming pool.

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