I really don't think anybody knows this, but during the week I produce a show for our sister station NewsTalk1290. The show airs Saturday mornings at 11 AM here if you want to check it out. This week the host Bill Lockwood had some guests into the studio that was dealing with a topic that I know is affecting a lot of folks here in Wichita Falls.

People not wanting to get the Covid vaccine and potentially losing their job. You may have seen protests going on outside of United Regional and I know a lot of people are discussing this issue. I reached out to Bill to see if I could put this interview on all of our sites. Below is what he had to say and you can listen to the full interview below as well.

From Bill Lockwood:

The issues fall into TWO CATEGORIES: (1) The Political Side--mandates; (2) The Medical Side--safety concerns.
The Discussion surrounded (1) The COVID vaccine mandates coming from United Regional Hospital in Wichita Falls, a hospital that serves 9 counties. Qualified and superior nurses and doctors are in the midst of being forced out of the hospital over the "mandates" that are coming down from the medical board. What situation will that leave for serving the community--in the midst of a supposed "pandemic"? (2) The effects on the community as a whole, doctors, nurses, first responders, fire fighters, law enforcement. (3) How is it that a government bureaucratic board will make "determination" as to which "religious exemption" from the shot they will accept and who they will reject? Something is certainly wrong with this concept.
(4) Why are no alternatives to the COVID shot allowed? Why not testing? Why is it that "natural immunity"--which doctors around the entire world declare is "the gold standard" for protection--is discounted and the shots are mandated for those who have already had COVID? (5) Are we fighting a "war" on the political front, or are we fighting a disease? (6) The ineffectiveness of the COVID shots--one who has had the shot can still get COVID, die from COVID, or spread COVID. Why is it that the CDC has "changed" its definitions of a "vaccine" only very recently?

These and other topics are discussed with these experts in their fields.

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