One week after our original interview, Derek Ruvalcaba came back onto American Liberty with Bill Lockwood to discuss the vaccine mandates in Wichita Falls.

I know this is a story that a lot of people in Wichita Falls are watching and Bill Lockwood has made it a big part of his show the past few weeks. You can check out American Liberty with Bill Lockwood Saturday mornings at 11 on NewsTalk 1290 AM and 96.3 FM. I reached out to Bill and asked him about this week's show.

From Bill:

"In response to Gov. Gregg Abbott's Executive Order BANNING Vaccine Mandates by any entity in the state of Texas, United Regional Hospital CEO Phyllis Cowling wrote to the staff to say that "our vaccine requirements ... were designed to comply with existing state and federal laws. We will be working closely with the legal counsel, The Texas Hospital Association (THA), and others to evaluate the Executive Order (as well as any subsequent legislation) ..." 
This certainly sounds as if the UR team of lawyers will be looking for loopholes in the Executive Orders and/or possible legislation in order to continue the mandates. 
Addressing this issue is Derek Ruvalcaba, who is an "in studio" guest on the show. Derek has some great insights, as well as suggestions, pertaining to the mandates, the health and safety of the hospital staff, as well as the exemption requests being made by numerous individuals connected with the hospital. 
Sadly, over 140 trained staff members have already LEFT United Regional over this mandate; the morale of the hospital staff is sagging, and healthcare workers themselves declare that they should have control over their own healthcare as well. "
You can check out the three segment interview below. The opinions in the following segments do not represent United Regional and these comments are the people's own opinions.

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