Just after 5pm Friday, 18 Wichita Falls firefighter units responded to the scene of a large fire near the Dollar General on Old Iowa Park road.

According to one witness who was in the area at the time, the fire started in the structure behind the Dollar General, and that shortly after the fire began she heard an explosion.

"I was told at first that tires were on fire in that building next door to the store," said Gail Gray. "Then, they had everybody get out of the store because they weren't sure what all was stored in said building," Gray continued. "While I was getting to my car there was some sort of explosion that seemed pretty significant at the time but no idea what actually caused that."

The cause of the three-alarm fire was not immediately known, and the building appears to be a total loss. No injuries were reported.

Location of fire off Old Iowa Park Road in Wichita Falls