Are you lonely? Don't worry, you can bid on a warm bod!

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February 15th will mark our inaugural "Galentine's Day Bachelor & Bachelorette Auction."

Come on out and bid, the winning "couples" will get $100 for their date at McBride's Steakhouse to spend on food and beverages. All proceeds raised from the event will go to the fire departments involved.
Here are just some of the fine folks you can bid on.


Eric is 23 years old and works as a full-time paramedic at AMR and he volunteers at Bowman VFD on his days off. He’s been a paramedic for close to three years and is interested in becoming a flight medic. Eric has had a one and a half-year-old… black lab named Gus. In his free time, he enjoys shooting, riding his motorcycle, and training his dog.

attachment-Erick Robinson

Chief William

Chief Norris has been a volunteer firefighter for over 25 years and has been the Chief of Friberg-Cooper VFD since it was first founded in 2006. He is also the Chief of the County Rural Fire Association for Wichita County. Chief Norris is also the head mechanic for the City of Wichita Falls Fire Department. He is part of the Texas Strike Task Force team and gets deployed all over the state of Texas and other states during wildfire season. When he’s not busy firefighting, he enjoys traveling by going on cruises and going camping.

attachment-Chief William Norris II


23-year-old Darcy is an Aries who loves to go on hikes and collect cool, shiny rocks. Darcy has a love for dogs. She has 3 of her own. But make note she doesn’t mind a good cat. Being a firefighter is Darcy’s favorite pastime since joining the Bowman fire department a bit over a year ago. Darcy is currently employed at natural grocers as the produce assistant.

attachment-Darcy Hill


Devon is a very high-spirited person. He’s hardworking and always willing to help others. He participates in athletics since childhood. Fun Fact, Devon is the tallest and biggest in his family.

attachment-Devon Harbuck

Eric "The Intern" 92.9 Nin

Eric likes to work out, play video games and is a huge sports fan. He has tattoos for all his favorite sports teams and if you bid on him maybe you will be lucky to see all of them. 

attachment-Eric _The Intern_ NIN_Buzz

Eric Ryan 102.3 The Bull

Born and raised right here in the great state of Texas. Eric has a job, a car, all his teeth, and relatively good hygiene. 6 foot tall 170 lbs. Ask him about his killer Peewee Herman impersonation (not the movie theatre part). While on your date Eric can tell you about the time he partied with Dennis Rodman at Lake Texoma.

attachment-Eric Ryan The Bull


Jordan is a Younger Correctional Instructor in Texas. He is ranked in the Top 50 for the state of Texas in his weight class in powerlifting and is a US Army Veteran.

attachment-Jordan Bradley


LeAnn has been a firefighter with Friberg-Cooper VFD for about 12 years, where she also serves as Secretary for the department. She works full time as a 9-1-1 dispatcher for the Wichita Falls Police Department and has been there for almost 10 years and the Night Shift Supervisor for the last 8. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, reading, and listening to true crime podcasts.

attachment-LeAnn Norris


Matthew is a lieutenant with Friberg-Cooper VFD and has been a member of the department for 5 years. He is currently going to school for his EMT license and serves on the department’s Fundraiser Committee. He enjoys the outdoors with hunting, fishing, and shooting in his spare time.

attachment-Matthew Otts


Ron is a lieutenant with Friberg-Cooper VFD. He has been a member of the department for 5 years and is also a seasonal wildland firefighter. Ron is a former professional rodeo cowboy and US Army Veteran who likes to travel and enjoy life. He enjoys all types of music and enjoys going to concerts and comedy acts. A long day of trail riding and chilling by a campfire would be an ideal day for him.

attachment-Ron Bakken


William started his firefighting career at the early age of 14 as an Explorer with Burkburnett Fire Department and has stayed as an active volunteer firefighter with Friberg-Cooper VFD since its establishment in 2006. William is also a licensed peace officer. He enjoys spending his free time hanging out with friends, hunting, camping, and just living life.

attachment-William Norris III

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