To call it a nasty situation would be a gross understatement. The literally inches of bird waste that litter the sidewalks along some of Wichita Falls' most costly commercial real estate has become more than just an eyesore.

The City of Wichita Falls is exploring some options to deal with the birds. What exactly can be done? Killing the birds is not an option, as they are federally protected. Noise and pyrotechnics are just a couple of methods often employed for bird control.

Birds gather in numbers at Kemp and Callfield. Click to enlarge. (Photo by Dave Diamond)

But the bigger question is who is responsible for cleaning up the bird droppings left behind? The city says that burden falls upon the business owners. As you can see in the photos, the problem has reached disgusting proportions. This is not a new problem. The birds have chosen the areas near Sikes Senter and Olive Garden as a night time nesting area for quite some time.

According to Medical News Today, bird droppings can be quite dangerous. Diseases such as Histoplasmosis, a potentially fatal lung disease, can be contracted from contact with dried bird droppings. Months, perhaps even years worth of droppings are piled deep along the sidewalks near Sikes. What’s more, we have an ordinance on the books that requires pedestrians to use sidewalks where available. The sidewalks in this area are not useable.

We’re waiting on official word from the City of Wichita Falls as to what their next move will be and we’ll update you on the situation in the coming days.

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