A couple of peacocks have invaded a quiet Texas neighborhood, and have become a nuisance to the residents there.

These birds have been driving the local residents in Pearland crazy.  Over the past couple of months, both peacocks have been making themselves at home on people’s front and back lawns.  In fact, they’ve even been seen hanging out on people’s roofs.

While the peacocks are quite beautiful to look at, they have been extremely noisy.  One resident even told WFAA that they have a very distinct squawk that’s incredibly loud.  The birds have even been getting into fights with people’s pets, which causes the dogs to bark, and the peacocks to squawk at each other.  She also stated that these peacocks are so noisy that they have been interfering with her sleep, by waking her up throughout the overnight hours.

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Pearland residents have finally have enough of these noisy birds.  Since these peacocks have refused to fly away on their own, the residents have had no choice but to contract Pearland Animal Control, to have them safely and humanely removed from the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, capturing peacocks is easier said than done.  However, Pearland Animal Control was able to capture one of the two birds.  On Wednesday morning, an animal control official was able to safely capture the male peacock without harming it.  They were even able to find the peacocks rightful owner, who actually lives in the county.  Once Pearland Animal Control apprehends both birds, they will reunite them with their owner.

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