People like this annoy the hell out of me at sporting events. If you don't want to hear people cheering, please go watch the game at home.

Allow me to introduce you to the woman people are calling Baseball Barbra online. This woman in a quick little video told a little girl 'Enough' while she was cheering on the Astros. This is at the Astros stadium, the little girl is cheering for the Astros, what is wrong with that?

According to her mom, her daughter Chloe was doing the 'Swing batter' chant to the Angels players when they came to bat. Something that I think every kid has done at a baseball game. Hey, remember that great scene in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' where he does the same chant? Then, some a**hole fan tells him enough? Yeah, I don't remember that either.

This story does have a happy ending. A lot of the Astros players have seen the video and have come to the defense of Chloe. "Don't let anybody tell you to stop cheering! If they don't like it then they can go home," tweeted Josh Reddick. "Chloe please cheer at the games as loud as you can, and if anyone tells you to stop cheer louder," wrote Tyler White. "Your passion & dedication for your favorite team does not go unnoticed Chloe," Brandon Bailey tweeted.

Academy Sporting Goods has offered her gift card to stock up on Astros gear. Astros' pitcher Lance McCullers Jr. has gotten tickets for Chloe and her family for the first game of the ALDS. People are offering to hook Chloe up with Astros gear from all over the world and her mother says it's very overwhelming right now. She thanks everybody that is telling her daughter to not stop cheering.

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