It's March 16th, or 3:16. If you grew up in the attitude era, you have flashbacks to Austin 3:16. Let's honor the legend the best way we know how.

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    Try to Drink the Stone Cold List

    Stone Cold once had to perform in a dry county. Thankfully, Wichita County is not a dry county. So load up on Stone Cold's drink list and see if you can keep up.

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    Go Steal the Kay Yeager Coliseum Zamboni

    I need to stress this. DO NOT GO STEAL THE ZAMBONI BECAUSE THE DUMB RADIO DJ TOLD YOU TO! Just trying to have some fun. Remember when Stone Cold stole a Zamboni? I sure do.

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    Take a Good Old Fashioned Beer Bath at the Wichita Falls Brewery

    I remember watching this as a kid and freaking out. Are they really spraying beer into the crowd?! This is amazing! Where could you do that in Wichita Falls? Why our brewery of course, they have giant tanks of beer with hoses there. Once again, this one is highly illegal. SO DON"T DO IT!

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    Have a Beer With Your Friend, Flip Him Off, Then Give Them a Stunner

    Remember, don't try WWE moves at home. Let's be honest, we all ignored that. Except the tombstone, no way in hell I was letting a friend try that on me. The stunner is pretty safe, hell President Trump took one. I say crack open your favorite beer, flip the bird and get to stunning. I would try it out at Urban Air Trampoline Park. That way you can get some real air. Maybe drink your beers before hand.

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    Go See the Stone Cold Exhibit at the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame

    Sadly, the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in downtown Wichita Falls is not open today, but you can still go later this week. If you've never been, it's definitely a must stop here in Wichita Falls.

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