The Texas Rattlesnake himself is proud.

Glad to see the younger generation has respect for one of the best wrestlers of all time. Mason Casares over in San Antonio turned four this past month. He wanted to have a super cool entrance. His idea was way better than what those spoiled brats on "My Super Sweet 16' used to do. Mason wanted to enter the party like Stone Cold Steve Austin. Can I get a Hell Yeah for my boy Mason here?!

So Mason comes out of mini titantron with Stone Cold's theme playing. He's rocking the vest and the jorts (technically rolled up jeans, but it's the thought that counts). Glad to see Mason has responsible people that didn't allow him to crack open some beers, but he did crack some water bottles over his head.

Hopefully when wrestling returns to Texas the WWE can hook this kid up with some tickets. Mason's sister Isis Salazar posted the video online where it quickly went viral. "He thinks it's super cool, but I don't think he gets how much this blew up," Salazar said. "He's chill about it and hopes this leads to meeting Stone Cold one day."

Salazar said her brother grew to love Austin over a year ago after he watched a ton of YouTube videos of the wrestler. She mentioned her stepdad Jonathan Casares showed his son some WWE videos, but added her brother discovered Stone Cold on his own.

Maybe next year we can get this kid to do my favorite wrestler, Macho Man Randy Savage. Get him to snap into some Slim Jims for his birthday.

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