Although not an official holiday, it should be one.

So today is Mar. 10, someone noticed that this day sort of looks like Mario. So Nintendo declared today Super Mario Day back in 2016 by releasing the video below on their YouTube channel. So how do you celebrate? I will give some helpful ideas.

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    Play Any Mario Game at Home

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    Yeah, this should go without saying. Go play a Mario game today. I don't care if it's a solo Mario game, Kart, Party, I will even count Smash Brothers. Any game with that little plumber in it is cool with me. Don't have any? I would recommend Game X Change or Entertainmart. That way you can go old school if you want. If I'm playing Mario, I want an old school Nintendo Entertainment System.

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    Hit Up a Local Arcade

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    Yeah, when I think Mario I don't think of Arcades. That's where he got his start though. Technically his name was Jumpman in Donkey Kong, but that's Mario to me. You also have the Super Mario Brothers arcade game. Both of those are available at The Deep End. Maniac's Mansion has Mario Bros arcade games as well. If you don't feel like buying a console for yourself, many Nintendo consoles are at The Deep End and Maniac's Mansion as well.

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    Enjoy Some Mushroom Pizza

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    Let me get this out there right away. I hate Mushrooms, but Mario loves them. So I guess you have to eat them today. Me personally, just get a Supreme Pizza somewhere so the taste of mushrooms is drowned out with other actually good pizza toppings. My favorite pizza places in town. Halfpint Taproom (Sorry no kids allowed here), Bully's Pizza Grill, or Luigi's Pizza. That's my top three and you can't go wrong with any of them.

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    Go Kart Racing

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    I don't care who you are. Mario Kart is one of the best Mario games out there. I personally love the N64 one the most because that is the one I grew up playing. Hit up Family Fun Zone and go kart race tonight just like Mario. OK,maybe not like Mario. Please don't throw banana peels or turtle shells at other karts.

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    Visit One of Wichita Falls Most Haunted Places

    Mario may not be considered a horror game to some, but some of those Boo levels scared me as a kid. So I say, get your scare on tonight at one of these places. Hopefully you don't scream like Luigi when you see a ghost tonight.