Love is in the air today, but over the weekend I sent a special gift to someone. Victor E. Green gave my old roommate a visit in Dallas.

So for years, my old roommate and I have had many debates on different topics. The one thing we 100% agree on is that the Dallas Stars mascot is the worst mascot in all of sports. Back on September 13, 2014, the Dallas Stars said they had a 'huge' announcement. Turns out it was just unveiling this monstrosity to the world.

History Between Victor and My Old Roommate

Ever since then, my roommate and I have had a hatred for this thing when we go to games. All he does is air hump in between periods and thank god we have that at games now. It's what we had all been missing at Stars games for almost two decades as a franchise. Back on this day, myself and my old roommate called out the Stars for this dumb idea. The Stars actually called out my roommate and I still laugh about it to this day.

So over the weekend, I saw that are lovely mascot was offering Valentine's Day meet and greets. I quickly got in contact with his wife and said, "What are you doing on Sunday?" I told her I needed something delivered to her house and I need your husband to be there for it. She wanted more info so I sent her a screenshot of this.

She laughed and said she will be sure he is there. Did I spend $175 to have a green alien deliver flowers, candy, and random hockey stuff to my friend? Yes I did, and it was worth every penny. So congratulations Dallas Stars and Victor E. Green, you got me to spend money on something with our mascot which is something I never thought I would do. Check out my official rankings for all the mascots below (Hint: Victor is NOT high on the list).

Victor E. Green Delivery

The Definitive Ranking of Texas Professional Sports Mascots

I am a Dallas fan for pretty much everything, except baseball. Sorry, grew up in Baltimore so the Orioles are my team. However, when it comes to my mascot list below, I am being 100% honest. I think my choices will honestly shock you.

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