Immigration reform; this is not a national issue, it’s a local issue.  What do I mean?  How is it not a national issue?  The immigration issue affects us all.  It affects you and I and everyone we know.  It affects people in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania just as it does in Wichita Falls, Texas or Modesto, California or Pensacola, Florida.  It comes down to the local level because all of us who work, pay taxes, vote and otherwise contribute to the nation will be affected on a very local level.  Calling it a national issue conveys a feeling of non-importance; the pain of the problem is spread out and not necessarily felt by you.  This is not the case here.  The real issue here, the border issue, is not being dealt as it should.  It’s local, because it’s as much of a concern for you and I as it is for any American, regardless of where you live.   It’s not just the border-states who need be concerned, it’s everyone.  We’re being played for fools by the United States Senate.

The immigration reform bill being rammed through the senate by the ‘Gang of 8’ is nothing short of a political chess game between democrats and republicans, jockeying for the future votes of millions of (currently) illegal immigrants.  It’s a steaming pile of political dung that the politi-rats cannot help but heap upon each other.   Conservatives are being portrayed as ignorant, hate-mongering cave dwellers who couldn’t care less about anyone.  This mentality is the product of a vicious, vitriolic, liberal media, uber-left democrats and RINO’S (republican’s in name only) who are the ones concerned only with their own selfish motives. True Constitutionally-minded Conservatives are not saying we should bar legal immigration, we should embrace it, but demand that rules be followed.  After all, most of us are the products of families whose roots did not start in North America.  We have laws already in place.  But our government refuses to properly enforce them.

We cannot allow the open, ill-protected, nearly non-existent ‘borders’ of America, both south AND north, to continue to operate as they have.   Border security must be objective number one.  It’s not an immigration problem we have, it’s a security problem.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is either a liar or simply has no real grasp of the situation.  The ‘Gang of 8’ appears to lean solidly to the former.  Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) appeared today on ‘The Rush Limbaugh Program’.  Sen. Cruz has been one of the few, clear and honest voices in the Senate on the issue.  Click below to hear his take on this critical issue.

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