If you haven't seen Tom's new special, he has a very interesting neighbor who we happen to know as our United States Senator Ted Cruz.

Keep Scrolling To Check Out the Clip from Tom's New Special

On July 4th, Tom dropped his new special on Netflix called Sledgehammer. I have not personally watched the full thing yet, but I happened to run across this clip today of Tom talking about going on a walk in his neighborhood. Fun fact, Tom lives in Austin, Texas.

Where Does Tom Live in Austin?

So apparently Tom and his family live in a gated community off of Lake Austin, according to this article. Tom claims in his new standup special that he went for a walk around his neighborhood and had an awkward encounter with a current or former United States Senator.

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"Where Do You Think the Term Motherf***er Comes From?"

^Have to keep saying allegedly here, but that is what this United States Senator said to Tom on his walk around the neighborhood. Apparently he recognized Tom as a comedian and stopped him as he was walking around and that is what he had to say to him.

It Only Gets Weirder From Here

The supposed United States Senator then asked why daughter f***ers was not a term? Check out the full clip below for the context, but yeah very strange. To close it out, Tom said that it may or may not be Ted Cruz.

Watch The Full Clip Below

Does Ted Cruz Actually Live in this Austin Neighborhood?

The New York Post has a lovely write up on Ted's home in Houston that he abandoned when Texas lost power during that brutal ice storm a few years ago. However, I can't find anything on an Austin based address. Could this story be fake? Possibly or is Ted Cruz awkwardly interacting with his neighbors? Also possible.  I hope this clip goes viral so Ted has to release a statement on this supposed encounter.

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